are we really here for no reason

are we really here for no reason?

Ask your heart, it will tell you! It wants to realize its potential -- anything else is procrastination, and the feeling of wrongness speaks loud and clear.

Weak and unmotivated people ramble around with no purpose, or fulfill somebody else's purposes,

Strong but confused people strive for their ambitious goals, torturing themselves and others,

Different people have different goals, some lower, some higher. But there is no higher purpose in life than to seek and find the meaning of life, the path to spiritual Realization.

And how does one walk the path? By removing mental/emotional obscurations.

What obscurations? Obsession-impulsion on one hand, negativity-rejection on the other, and mistaken understanding of how things work, as the foundation.

How are they removed? By turning one's attention away from things that induce obscurations and towards things that induce healthy qualities.

What healthy qualities? Confidence, energy, right frame of reference, good mood, clarity, multifaceted thinking.

How are they induced? By repetitive thinking/reading/talking about them, by convincing oneself they are important, by familiarization with the introspective context, by trying to manifest them every day, by mastering control over one's mind, by establishing good habits, by getting used to them, by training to see things from multiple perspectives.

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