Something I wrote on a piece of napkin today:

Area Immature Developing Mature
Software releases to production Big-bang quarterly releases with hundreds of ad-hoc “hotfixes” in between Regular monthly or weekly releases Fully automated weekly releases
Development methodology Bottom-up. Database is developed first, then UI Top-down. User interface is developed first, then backend Whiteboarding. Technology and business understand each other well enough to effectively iterate on a whiteboard.
Demos None. Software is demoed to the business during the UAT. One weekly demo for all projects in the firm Separate demos for each product, with business doing hands-on test-drives.
Relationship between the business and technology Business is a  customer of technology, demanding precise execution of its requirements.  Business makes promises without engaging technology.  Technology is akin to a consultant/outsource. The business is a responsible product owner, accountable for vision, strategy, prioritization and continuity of their product.The vision is well-communicated to technology. Common language and understanding of both the business’ as well as the technology’s vision. The business and technology work as partners, co-defining the future together.
HR strategy Hire anybody as long as they can write code Hire senior developers, and let them make hiring decisions Design a talent retainment strategy targeted at retaining the senior talent.
Process Ad-hoc (disguised as a waterfall) cyclic (e.g. Scrum) Continuous delivery (e.g. Kanban)
Team vibe and communication Individually assigned tasks, no stable teams Stable teams, with team accountability Supermind – deliberate focus on making team members operate as a group mind.
Scoping, prioritization Random; Loudest squeaking  wheel gets the grease. Prioritization is done in favor of client requests and executives’ whims. Minimalistic –barebone fundamentals first. Both middle management as well as developers are not afraid to say no to the business. Goal-driven. Well understood goal and common vision helps focus. The mutual trust allows certain degree of freedom at all levels.
The flow of initiative 100% top-down. Projects are initiated only by executives. Technology is trusted enough to have its own projects, even if the need is not well-understood by the business. Grass root initiatives are encouraged. The teams of peers come up with spinoff initiatives and are trusted enough to drive their own staffing pace.
Technology stack Conservative, one-vendor technologies (Microsoft) Using latest and greatest of what the industry has to offer – open-source libraries, non-Microsoft-based products etc. Stable technology stack with ROI-driven innovation
Work-life balance and overtime Overtime is expected to support deadlines, off-hour releases and bug investigations Good work-life balance, with occasional off-hour work required, compensated by the free workday schedule Dedicated paid off-hours staff for Support-Desk and Technical Emergency activities
Relationship between the IT (including IT audit!) and the development IT does whatever they think is right IT works closely with development, to minimize the negative impacts on productivity Dev-ops: Fully integrated IT and development with no artificial boundaries, working together for the most efficiency
Technical debt The concept is unknown Well-understood, and minimized Responsible strategic acquiring of technical debt on the first version of a system, fully cleaned on the first rewrite.
Relationship between developers and BAs/PMs Developers report to BAs/PMs Developers and BAs/PMs report separately as two silos Developers and BAs/PMs report together, with BAs working on development teams as peers
Multitasking There are more projects than people. Multitasking is prevalent. The people outnumber the projects. Each team has one main project they work on, plus very low burden support of old projects. The role of multitasking in reducing the global efficiency is well understood. The teams are formed as needed to provide focus and avoid the waits on dependencies associated with multitasking.